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tv   9 News Now at 11pm  CBS  May 8, 2010 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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this is 9news now now. i'm bruce johnson. thank you for joining us this saturday night. a 2-year-old girl survives a fall from a second-story window. it happened in centerville, virginia. lindsey mastis has that story. >> reporter: the little girl fell out this story and received very serious injuries but is expected to recover. >> i was shocked. >> reporter: neighbors say their hearts go out to the girl and her family. >> you feel nothing happens to anybody around you then when something happens that is so close it is wow. >> reporter: when she fell out of the second-story window, the drop is about 13 feet. they believe the 2-year-old child was playing with her siblings on a bed that was pushed up to the window. it is the third such case this spring. april 10th a 2-year-old boy died after he fell out a third
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story window. three days later this little girl fell out a third story window and survived. neighbors are shaken up. >> the child will be fine. that's one thing i'm glad to hear. >> a bunk bed next to the window and we moved it. two weeks ago it happened. >> reporter: police say they believe this was an accident. in cliffton, i'm lindsey mastis, 9news now. tonight police want to remind parents to child proof your windows. we have tips on how to do that. go to our website mourners packed a baltimore church today to bid farewell to the university of virginia lacrosse player. a former boyfriend, uva student athlete from this area, he remains in jail tonight charged with yeardley's murder. >> nobody can imagine going
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through something like this. my thoughts and prayers are with the family today. >> reporter: a somber good-bye to yeardley this morning. the uva lacrosse player was found beaten to death in her off-campus apartment on monday. her former boyfriend fellow star lacrosse player george hugeley from chevy chase has been charged with her murder. investigators say hugeley slammed her head across a wall. they should have been attending her wedding not a funeral. >> a beautiful young girl that age, 22 years old. >> reporter: some of the most meaningful words came from the girl herself. her words were included in the funeral program. >> also in this essay she writes how she felt like she was the luckiest girl in the
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world. she loved lacrosse. she also writes how important her friends were. now her friends are trying to figure out how to go on without her. she writes if i had to wish for three things in my life they would be to go to university of virginia for college, have a happy and healthy family when i grow up, and to always keep in touch. so far my life has been filled with joy and happiness. and i hope to keep living my life that way. unfortunately, someone took those dreams away. in baltimore, surae chinn, 9news now. >> george hugeley remains in jail until his next court date on june 10. two special funds have been created in love's memory. you can go to our web side for more information on that tonight a mechanical problem is being blamed for a ferry accident in new york that injured more than three dozen people. the ferry was carrying 250 passengers when it struck a pier as it approached the st.
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george terminal on stanton island. the ferry throttle failed to engage and kept the crew from throwing down the engine as the ferry approached the terminal. >> there were a series of beeps or buzzers. and then i heard red, red, red. then one of the workers stepped up and hell his arm up. everybody brace yourself. it was just a matter of seconds and we had the impact. >> i'm still nervous from the impact because i was thinking that i could have died. not only that, that's the same boat that crashed seven years ago. >> most of the injuries today were minor. in 2003 you heard the man talking about it people were killed when the ferry boat was involved in a similar crash. greater sense of urgency today to cap a ruptured oil well in the gulf of mexico. oil now washing up on the
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island by alabama. the attempt to use a 100-ton box to cover the deep water well that didn't work today. more now on the story. >> reporter: 5000 feet below the surface a 100-ton concrete and steel box now sits at the side of that massive oil leak. as workers tried to position it over the leak, ice-like crystals called hydrates formed inside the box. >> i wouldn't say it has failed yet. what i would say is what we attempted to do last night didn't work because these hydrates plugged up the top of the dome. >> it will now take at least to days for teams to trouble shoot the problem. >> this dome is no silver bullet to stop the leak. >> reporter: more than 3 million-gallons of the light crude now pollutes the golf and it keeps spreading. late saturday afternoon the coastguard reported tar believed to be from the spill washed up on an island three miles off the coast of alabama. a thick plume of black smoke
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rose from the water friday while coastguard crews conducted five intentional burns. capping the leak can't come soon enough for the fishing industry. not only is the commercial industry getting hit hard but so are the local fishermen. the sport boats and tourism. >> i woke up this morning first call was cancellations. >> reporter: this sport fishing guide's business is drying up fast. >> just recovering from katrina and trying to get back on our feet and we built everything back, looking good. now we got this. we are losing trips. >> reporter: fishermen say the fishing is still great in the gulf waters not yet affected by the spill but they are worried about what is yet to come. federal authorities have halted flights for rescues.
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aircraft highered by organizations have been threatening the bird's nesting in the barrier island. new video released by the u.s. navy shows the flames and smoke from international burns this weekend in the gulf. coastguard crews conducted five burns on friday but burns require perfect conditions. after several days of calm weather winds began to pick up preventing any more controlled burns. it is the fist hands all deck weekend this year for dc police. extra officers and detectives will be on the streets to help curb crime. one of the suspects they will be looking for is a man wanted in connection with a sexual assault last month in georgetown. police say the man was armed with a gun and sexually assaulted a 19-year-old woman who was walking in the 3300 block of prospect street in north west. anybody with information about this case is being asked to call dc police. homeland security janet napolitano toured tennessee today where the storm death toll has now climbed to 33. the federal government approved more than $4 million for
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residents affected by those storms. meantime, owners of the grand old opry and opry land hotel say it will cost millions of dollars to repair the flood damage. restoration crews are trying to salvage whatever they can from the resort and museum. they are trying to dry the place out. >> you walk into these buildings and they feel like the soul has been taken out of them because there is no customers, no joy, no music playing in the grand old opry. >> performances were moved to a nearby stadium and more than 200,000 opryland hotel guests were moved to other accommodations. a volcano in iceland ash delaying flights between europe and north america over the last 11 hours. about 600 airliners make the
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ocean crossing every day. it was a bad day for a truck driver in milwaukee. a truck traveling under an interstate bridge got stuck. it partially collapsed and the driver didn't see the sign that said it was a low bridge. the tow truck came to get the semiout and the goods were lowered into another player. a bridge inspector said there was no structural damage. that driver is just fine tonight. maybe a bit embarrassed. potholes. listen to this. a united airlines flight blew a tire when it hit a pothole on the runway. flight 950 was headed for brussels. the plane burned off some fuel then made a safe return to dulles. an airport spokesperson called the incident fairly unusual. passengers with a rough ride this afternoon. four people were hurt when flight 2768 encountered severe
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turbulence on its way to new york. tonight two remain hospitalized for evaluation. does a 40-year-old audio recording shed light on what happens during that deadly shooting at penn state back in 1970. bizarre moments for shoppers at a barns & noble this weekend. how it all went wrong. warm and humid this morning and turned very windy. drying things out and getting very chilly out here tonight. 79 was our high today. we are going to have to update that low of 66 before we go to the midnight hour tonight. wakeup weather calls for a cold, windy start. when will we warm up and when will the winds die down? we will have the forecast in a few minutes. yy
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new information this weekend on that deadly shooting at penn state university back in 1970. two forensic audio experts now say they believe recordings reveals that someone gave an order to guard troops to prepare to fire on students during a vietnam war protest on campus. four penn state students were killed, nine wounded in 1974.
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the original reel-to- reel-to- reel audio recording was taken. graduation ceremonies in full swing in this area this weekend. former nfl commissioner giving today's commencement speech today to 482 graduating students at the university of the district of columbia. he called udc an inspiration to the city and urged students it make a career out of humanity. he will receive a honourary doctorate of law degree from the university. another getting an honourary doctorate. urging people to give back to society and join her some day at the supreme court. another speaker receiving an
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honourary doctorate award. a car crashes into the front window of a barns & noble bookstore. witness sincere say it was bizarre. slow speed accident caused by an older man who simply hit the wrong pedal while trying to drive out of a strip mall in utah. >> the driver's foot went off the brake pedal and hit the gas and he panicked and swerved and ran into the front of the barns & noble here. >> the speed was 5 miles per hour. no reported injuries. police say the driver is fine tonight. in tomorrow's washington examiner foreclosures picking up and the area housing market is still saturated with bank owned properties all that with an apparent recovery from the housing crisis. still ahead this saturday night. the unique race for a group of breast cancer survivors. we will have that story. will it be cool and windy for mother's day? the forecast just ahead. i discovered the problem growing grass seed, is me.
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in the florida keys taking part in a unique race. 40 women that are cancer survivors. >> we often envision hitting the water and beating the cancer. and we are beating it with our paddle. on the grounds we are sisters and we are fierce competitors on the water. we are going to kick your butt. >> today's event was one of seven drag boat races the women hold each year. >> the wind was warm early then got cold. >> exactly. >> what's going on out there. >> it is called a cold front that comes through. we did break up a couple of showers, isolated storm or two right along that front. mainly noticeable drop in temperatures once we went to the afternoon and evening
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hours. we really started to experience that then. tonight in towards mother's day really cold for this time of year. next three days. we should be at 73 for an average high. we are only going to muster 63 for a high tomorrow. mid-40s for some. we should be well into the mid- 50s. 66 monday. at least the wind is going to die down. next systems we are going to start to bring in here tuesday. temperature closing in on that 70-at 70--- 70-degree mark. even though we ended the wind advisory. that was canceled several hours ago. a little bit early. north west winds 15 to 25. gusts higher. 15 to 25-mile-per-hour winds through the morning. not one of the mother's day brunch mornings outside. windy, cold. temperatures through the 50s. at least lower to mid-50s. by the afternoon we are only going to be around the lower 50s. 63, 64 in town.
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winds still north west 20 to 30. wind gusts right now still at 33-mile-per-hour wind gusts at national. 30-mile-per-hour wind gusts in manassas. leesburg 32. wind speeds still averaging around 20 miles per hour. current temperatures have dipped all the way quickly down into the 50s. once sun sets temperatures dropped quickly. isolated widely scattered storms along that front is passed through. now we are just looking at the breezy. futurecast really shows a north west breeze continuing. way out west. this is possible. could be a few flakes. mineral county, west virginia, garrett county. no accumulations there but you could see it. northwest winds keeping us cool for the rest of mother's day. mother's day evening finally winds will die down sunday night and into monday. let's take our forecast past mother's day. let's go monday into tuesday here.
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lots of sunshine monday. still rather chilly. little bit of a northwest breeze continues to bring in that cooler air. winds start to switch around eventually with a warm front trying to move through. if you see by this depiction that warm fronts comes in we have showers trying to pop out. washington will be right on the edge of seeing that rain move in. more north-northwest. i'm not going to go overboard saying we will see widespread showers or even a storm. in the meantime it is all about the colder temperatures, stronger north west winds in here tonight. 50 downtown. zone forecast may see a sprinkle or flake. mid to upper 50s. 60s and mid-60s as we get to washington and out east we go into maryland. seven-day forecast. wind tomorrow. cold temperatures. it will be a chilly morning. winds die down monday. we are driving it through. next chance of rain really not
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until tuesday, wednesday. slight chances of rain right now. i'm just not going to go overboard on that rain. something is up. windy and chilly. strong north west winds will finally die down once. >> mom won't mind it will be breakfast in bed tomorrow morning. >> i think that's a good bet. >> a train bust. young and old celebrating national train day. >> at union station there were amtrak trains, commuter trains, old train cars and double decker cars that were involved in performances. >> we had this gitty feeling when we would see the train approaching and hear the whistle and converse with the conductor and get our tickets stamped. all that was fun and romantic and we just were really into it. so obviously memories like that stay with you. >> he says he and his wife take
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the train all the time from their home in new york. >> albert haynesworth. what? >> go down and get him, man. >> he hasn't called yet and i think we will have to make that trip to tennessee. what's up, everybody. redskins mini camp day 2. offensive terminology. mike and weapons that come along with it. the man protecting his backside stepping right into the deep end. here what the rookie trent williams has to say and it is hard ball banging at nats park. we will tell you how the nats did this afternoon against the marlins coming up. 3q this is unlike any car you've ever seen before.
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>> no pads. no hitting. what are they doing? >> chemistry. synergy. getting on the same page. redskins trying to do as much as possible to resuscitate
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their offense. brought in a 38-year-old pf flyer and wide receiver. that in addition to the weapons they already have. now part of that arsenal though, a little bit banged up. that guy right there wide receiver santana moss doing a little bit at practice today but he had surgery on his knee. he says he will be fully ready by june mini camp. the coach not worried either. >> he is coming good. he should be going by our june mini camp. hopefully no setback but he is looking pretty good now. >> we also got our first chance to see the big fellow trent williams. mike shanahan threw him right into the fire at starting left tackle. welcome to the pros young man. williams said his first snap caught him off guard. >> when the ball was snapped and everybody was gone, i made adjustments but it was still fast. i got beret quainted with it. felt like i did a lot better
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today. >> got to get up to speed before you take him on. >> this is donovan mcnabb's second mini camp since he got here a little over a month ago, learning new offensive language and trying to get to a point where he know's shanahan's scheme off the back of his hand. mcnabb was back at it today okay. >> you kind of hate these camps as a veteran but obviously in a new situation you are learning a new offense, new schemes, it is something that will benefit us and we are definitely taking advantage of the opportunity of being out here and running these plays. >> we got a lot of redskins stuff. you can log on to and click on sports. for more interviews from mini camp today including brian orakpo who sat out today with a tweaked angles saying he
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expects to practice tomorrow. nats got good news when john lannan threw lightly without pain in his elbow pitching against the rockies on thursday. season number 2 starter will begin a rehab assignment soon. he has been on the dl with -- with elbow injuries himself. game 2 of the marlins. josh johnson. 4th inning his name is willie and he is funky. game winner on thursday. third home run of the season today. josh willingham. go ahead and turn this around. his 5th. ties it at 4. drives johnson out of the game. adam dunn who normally does it with the bat guy today does it with his upper lap. gets hit on the back. nats win 5-4. rubber mat tomorrow at 1:35 p.m. double dipping in minnesota. os won a game.
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game 2. orioles lose 6-1 and split the double header this afternoon. moving day. there is tiger not in his red. maybe he should have been wearing red. par 5. boy, radar locked. within inches. birdie to go to 5 under but didn't bring his short game. down the stretch he had a pretty good round going but went back-to-back bogey on 17 and 18. finished at 4 under well off the lead. phil mickelson he is trying to become the number 1 golfer in the world. boy, he is doing it, doing it, doing it. well. almost well. if you want to poke fun at a major league baseball team pirates a good candidate to do it. here comes andrew mccutcheon back the other way. don't step off third. don't step off. yes, adam stepped off third so they get two. you see that in little league
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baseball usually but pirates having a rough year. >> temperatures into the 40s tomorrow for mother's day when we start things off. well, they only pay the pirates so much. >> that's true. >> thanks for watching. have a good night, everybody. and an early happy mother's day. captions by: caption colorado, llc 800-775-7838 email: ♪ [ male announcer ] you're surrounded by fabrics all day. ♪ wouldn't softer feel better? try ultra downy. it softens fibers better than detergent alone, for a deep-down softness. and ultra downy april fresh has more than double the softening ingredients than the leading value brand's original fresh. ♪ and softer feels better. get more. feel more.
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